Saturday, February 5, 2011

Pillow takeover.

I admit. I am a full a stomach sleeper. Which does not bode well when you have gained a solid 10 lbs (and counting) in the stomach. And, you know, all the books and docs say to sleep on your side so the baby gets the most oxygen and food. Whatevs. I cannot help it. I flip to my stomach while I'm asleep. I fall asleep on one side, but wake up on my stomach. Except these days, I'm waking up like every 30 minutes. Which blows. And, sleeping on my stomach is no longer comfortable. Which also blows. Big time. But sleeping on my side isn't so comfortable either. My joints are all out of whack and my arm constantly falls asleep to the point where it is faaar past pins and needles to straight up I can't move this thing on it's own accord. Totally dead body arm. Which blows.

So, yesterday I took the plunge and bought two mondo body pillows to build myself a fortress of sleep. I think it was successful as I slept way better last night than I have in quite a while. The drawback to the pillows taking over my bed is this:

The big guy (not the little girl). There is no officially no room for Ralph on the bed. We have a king sized bed, which is perf for Bill, me, and Ralph (as long as he doesn't hog blankets and stays in the middle).  Ralph is a good bed sleeper. He (usually) sticks the dead center and either makes himself an upside down spoon or a (relatively) little Ralph ball. But, with two body pillows (which, you know, are the size of bodies) there is no room for my cuddly pup. He has to stick it out on the floor. Which gives me a case of the sads. But sleeping gives me a case of the, umm, not sads? Happies, perhaps? Anyway, it is just the way it has to be, but I'm gonna miss my big guy cuddle monster on the bed.


  1. Instead of two body pillows can't you just use one body pillow, with Ralph acting as a body pillow too?

  2. Unfortunately, he has a bit too many rough and poky parts to be a good pillow. He also doesn't stay on the bed consistently all night. He gets up and down a lot. I think during winter he stays up a bit more and in the summer he spends more time on the floor because he gets too hot.

  3. He'll survive. The important thing is that you get your sleep. Because you're a real bitch face when you're tired.