Sunday, February 6, 2011

Tortoise Pace

The important part is that he won the race, right? These slow plodding steps we are making just means we are going to be love it that much more in the end, right? Right??

This weekend we installed the light fixture in Judah's room, as well as, one in our upstairs bathroom.
This is the new light in the nursery:

And, here is our new bathroom light:

We put some CFLs we had laying around into the light fixture, and as you can see they were not a matching set. The light they give off is very different. The left one produces a warm light, while the right one is cool. That will need to be fixed... I just need to do a more thorough search of the laundry room closet to see if I can find a mate to one that is in there.

I finally touched up some minor paint spots in the nursery. Nothing big, just little bits where wall paint got on the ceiling of vice versa. It was a super minor job, yet it still took me 2 weeks to actually do. But that's okay, because slow and steady wins the race. Right?

I also put switch-plate covers back on. I bought one new one, because the light switch plate was dark brown and that just would not do. So I bought a cheap-o white one. Which looks lovely. It kinda makes me want to replace all the covers in the room, even though they are already white because they have paint spatters on them from the previous owners (who obviously did not remove them when they painted, they just tried to paint around them).

Here is a sneak peak at the floor under the carpet.

Isn't it pretty? Haha. But the real question, could we just sand it down and paint or stain it and have that be good enough? I'm hoping the answer to that question is yes. Maybe next weekend we will actually get around to ripping it out for good. Maybe.

In other news, and maybe as an explanation (excuse) as to why so little has gotten done is I got a cold. I was a bit freaked out at first, what with being pregnant and all. All I knew is I was getting sick, but wasn't sure if it was a cold or the flu. The flu (specifically a fever) is very bad while pregnant. A cold is a pain in the ass, but not such a big deal. I felt all achy, my throat hurt, my head hurt, and I was super congested. I made sure to take my temperature periodically, but luckily there was no fever. Phew. So, I've just kinda been taking it easy and drinking LOTS of fluids.

I've also been perusing the interwebs for baby stuff. And, dear god, crib bedding is either A. ugly, B. super expensive, or C. both. I think picking out the bedding has been the most frustrating thing to register for. I don't want to get something I don't love, but I also don't want to spend (or have anyone else spend) $400 on a crib set. Seriously, that is ridiculous. I tried Etsy, which definitely has cute options but is expensive. Of course, I would feel better paying the artisan $400 than a giant store, but that doesn't solve the I-don't-have-that-kind-of-cash problem. I think I am either going to have to settle with a crib set that I don't love (but do like/can tolerate) or crack out the sewing machine and make something myself.

Here are the current contenders in the I can afford/kind of like category:


All are available from


  1. Aaron and I found Lex's bedding from a local Californian organic company on I think we spent $65 for the set. You just have to watch for the deals! :)

  2. I definitely think the most important thing for your child is a hand-made crib.

    This awful hand-made log bed is a much safer alternative to any big-store cribs that are made to adhere to strict government safety regulations.

  3. Thanks for the heads up, Jenna and Stick.
    I'm currently bidding on a super cute bedding set on ebay- so here's hoping I win that.
    Unfortunately, I will have to give the log bed a pass, since we already have the actual crib.

  4. I like one and three best of the crib sets. Nasty floor. Hope you can sand and paint.

  5. You should totally just make your own crib set. There is such cute fabric available and you're so picky, I know you'd be much happier with your own handmade stuff. Although, if the eBay thing works out then FANTASTIC! Also, I like the rocket ship crib set...but eh.