Sunday, February 13, 2011

3rd Time's a Charm

At least, I hope...

I started painting the trim Saturday afternoon. I was a bit very cocky and didn't tape anything off. I kept reading in diy blogs about all these ladies who don't tape... that is unless, their husband's are the one's painting. But, for them, no tape. So, I figure, hey, if they don't need tape then I don't need tape.

I was wrong.

I figured that out pretty quickly, before and real damage was done. So, the painting was put on hold until I taped off all the trim. I used frog tape and am pretty happy with it. I think it is a bit better than regular painters tape, but I'm pretty unexperienced when it comes to painting rooms, so don't take my word for it.

I got the first coat or paint down around the time Bill got home (he spent the day in Seattle with a friend).
Here is how is looked after one coat.

Obviously, better than what it looked like with just the primer, but still far from being an even coat. A second coat was most definitely in order.

Today, I painted the second coat on the trim.

I think the white trim really makes the gray pop.Unfortunately, two coats was still not enough. The trim was painted such a dark brown before, the white just doesn't cover it all the way. I'm sure if I had done a more thorough job with the primer it would have, but I didn't. So... coat number 3 is in order. Before that happens though, I will have to sand off some drips. 

I put on the paint a too thick in the beginning because I was trying to cover the brown completely in two coats. Which was a mistake. So, yeah, trying to get cut corners just gave me more work to do in the end. I also removed the tape off of one wall before I realized it was going to need a third coat. So there is some more work I have to re-do.

I did realize that this was the very first time I have ever painted trim. It was definitely a learning experience. Next time I paint trim I will be that much wiser and more experienced. Growing up I never painted, my parents house was completely white and I never touched a paint brush there. I didn't paint a room until we bought our house. The nursery was only the 3rd room I've painted, and it was the first ceiling and the first trim. This room is our first real foray into home improvement and we are surely going to learn quite a bit.

Hopefully, I'll finish the 3rd coat of paint this week. I would like to think it will get done tomorrow, but I highly doubt it. I will have a few hours at home before Bill gets home from work... However, I think I will be pretty wiped out from Valentine's day at work with the kids. Being pregnant, I am pretty wiped out after a normal day at work, add in the excitement of Valentine's and I just don't know if I will have the energy to paint... I might just be more than happy to lay on the couch and watch TV on netflix.

One day this week I'll get it done though. I will. And this 3rd coat of paint will do the trick. It better.

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  1. It's looking good. I like the colors together. Don't stress. There's still time. Wish I could be there to help you, but I'm there in spirit.