Saturday, January 22, 2011

It happened. Sort of.

We actually did (most of) what we said we would do. We painted the nursery to be!

But... we did not paint the closet (ran out of blue paint and gumption) nor have we painted the trim (the carpet's pile is too high to be able to do a decent job) and we did not remove the closet door...

Here are some befores:
(But first, a warning. I just got a new iTouch and all the photos are from that. So not very high quality and pretty grainy. WTF on the iTouch having a crappier camera than the iPhone.)

That photo was taken at night. I swear the room was not neon yellow.

And here it was during the day- this is definitely closer to the buttery yellow it used to be.

Ready for it? Here are some as it is now. I'm not saying after, because this is most definitely not finished. Or anywhere close to being finished. But, at least we are making progress. We have 5 months to get to the after stage. It will happen! I have faith (and an inflexible deadline- give or take a few weeks).

I primed the trim. I have the paint. It will just take some time (and carpet removal) before the trim is a nice glossy white.

This would be the sunrise from one of the windows in the nursery. If that apartment building wasn't there we would have a killer view of Mt. Rainer. But it is, so we don't.

We were planning to rip out the old carpet this weekend, but we did a little test to see what was underneath (hoping for nice hardwood floors). What we found was wood. But it was not nice. It was some sort of sub-flooring. It was definitely a bit lower than the wood floors in the hallway, the planks were wider, and not so pretty or shiny. Oh, well. It was a fun idea.

Now we are going to look into getting the carpet replaced. I think we will go to Lowe's tomorrow to get some info and figure out costs.

The major questions are:

  • Should we replace just the nursery carpet or all the bedrooms?
  • Should we tear out the old carpet ourselves and remove it or have the installers do it? It will really depend on the cost for that... It sure would be nice to have them do it all for us, but I have no idea what that will do to the expense.
  • If we do the other rooms, where will be put all the furniture during the installation process? 
  • If we do the other rooms, should we pay to have them move the furniture in and out? After all, pregnant peeps are suppose to avoid heavy lifting and all that. So Bill would have to a one man show on moving furniture (or enlist the help of some very nice friends).
  • And, of course, there are those super basic questions that revolve around style, color, pile, yada yada.
Hopefully our trip tomorrow will be enlightening and not frustrating. Also, hopefully, it will be far cheaper than all the dollar signs that are currently floating about in my noggin. I mean, it can't be that expensive, right? Rentals get the carpet redone fairly often and what not.

Any advice out there? I some of you out there have gone through this already and have awesome advice to send our way. Right? Right????

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