Saturday, January 8, 2011

Nursery Colors- for reals this time

After much hemming and hawing (I think) we have made a decision. Are you ready to see the wondrous colors for the nursery?

Here they are in all their glory:

Sigh, aren't they lovely? The top one is By the Sea and the bottom is Secret Passage. They are from Olympic  Paint (a line carried at Lowe's). Best part? Zero VOCs, even after tinting. Yay! That means it will be safe for me to paint, and no toxic fumes will be coming off the walls (and into baby's lungs). The ceiling will be By the Sea and the walls will be Secret Passage... except, for the walls in the closet which will be By the Sea (to mix things up and to copy the Youngsters). The trim will be white (haven't picked a precise shade, we may just use what we already have sitting around).

And here are some pretty gray nurseries. However, none are as rad as mine will be, because they are all lacking one key element. The aqua ceiling. Boo-yah!

The Crafty Nest

I also found another potential Etsy wall decal maker: WallDecors. I'm still loving the birch decals, which I guess is fitting since we planted a birch out front last year.

I like to pretend that we will paint the nursery next weekend, since it is a 3 day weekend in honor of MLK. However, it is only a 3 day weekend for me, not so much for the hubs. Which is why I am only pretending. You never know, I could surprise you (and me) and actually get it done.

P.S. Whaddya think of the new layout? Yay or nay? The header is currently pretty damn boring, but having a super awesome header would require time and effort in photoshop, and that is just not my forte. 

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