Sunday, January 22, 2012

7 Months

Judah hit the 7 month mark on Saturday. It seems like he just turned 6 months the other day. This month sure has flown by what with the holidays and what not.

Some things going on at 7 months:

-Judah's bedtime is now at 6:30 (used to be 5:30).

-I have been using baby sign language more consistently this month. I have been signing for milk, book, more, & all done.

-Still no teeth (I'm fine with that).

-Still not crawling (again, I'm just fine with that. I'm not pumped to baby proof this old house). He gets up on his hands, then his knees, and thennnnn he moves backwards. He has all the right movements, but is kinda doing them in reverse. It is pretty funny to us and pretty frustrating to him.

-Judah eats dinner with us each night. This last week he has been loving it and eating anything we put on his tray. The week before he wasn't really interested, but would play with it a bit. With Baby Led Weaning you just let them eat what they want. The point is more that he is enjoying it than getting nutrition (BFing takes care of all his nutritional needs).

-He goes to pee (and sometimes even poo!) in his pot a couple times each day. He always goes after he takes his naps, but the rest of the day is kind of hit or miss.

-He is at the point where he can play with his toys on the floor for a few minutes on his own. It is very handy so I can do little jobs around the house (or at least start them).

-He enjoys helping me vacuum. We will usually do it near the end of the day when he is having a tough time. It will usually relax him and he will quiet down for a bit.

-Judah naps twice a day. The morning nap is about 2 hours after he wakes up and then his afternoon nap is two hours after he gets up from his first nap. We usually just nap in my bed (so that I can nap too). I'm still hopeful that he will take his naps in his crib someday.

-He has been waking up a lot at night lately. Last night his longest chunk was only 2 hours. Totally lame. So very lame. I just got The No Cry Sleep Solution... but I haven't been able to read it because it is a paper back   and my normal reading time is when he naps, but the page turning wakes the little beast up! I really wish they had it for the kindle. I guess I need to sacrifice some of my precious internet time to read it. Lame (but so totally worth it if their strategies help him sleep better).

Ralph had to make sure the picture session was up to snuff.
I just can't believe how much he has changed in such a short time. Annnnd now I need to go upstairs, because he just woke up. Sigh.

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