Sunday, January 15, 2012

A big day in the life of Judah

Today was a big day for Judah. He had a some new experiences. One he really liked and one he really didn't.

He really liked eating buckwheat crepes.

Ralph has learned that being around a baby is the coolest. He is all about laying right next to Judah and hoping that he just might get some food.

Judah was thoroughly impressed with his meal of buckwheat crepes.

Today was the first time he wore that onesie. Sadly, it will also probably be his last. It is 12 month size, but is totally tight on him. The sleeves are too short as well, as evidenced by the sighting of chubby little wrist rolls. It is so annoying how all the different brands size things differently. I know that is how it is with all clothes and I am fine with that when it comes to clothes for me, because I can try stuff on. But there is no way I'm going to make Judah try stuff on ahead of times. Getting him dressed is not the most awesome part of my day. I have no desire to multiply that process.

Judah's second big new experience of the day was *playing* in the snow. He was not a fan. I think that was more about the fact that it was dangerously close to his afternoon nap-time and less about the actual snow. Weather allowing, we will try again tomorrow (maybe right after a nap, instead of right before).

There was only one part he enjoyed. Bouncing up and down on Bill's shoulders. He pretty much always enjoys that.


  1. Love all his little expressions. Yummy buckwheat'll have to bring the recipe, so we can try them here. Did you get a crepe pan.

  2. The recipe is just from Joy of Cooking... I don't have a crepe pan. I just use a regular frying pan.