Saturday, January 28, 2012


We took Judah swimming at a local pool today. The only other time he was in a pool was this summer at our friend's house. That was a very short swimming experience as it was an unheated outdoor pool. We pretty much just dunked him twice and called it good since it was so chilly out.

This time around we were able to play for a quite a while. He pretty much loved it, which didn't surprise us because that kid is ca-ca-ca-crazzzzy about bath time.

We brought our underwater camera (of course we did). So, here are way too many pictures of Judah at the pool.

Our camera is the Canon Powershot D10 (in case you were wondering). It is our second underwater camera. The first one we had was a Fuji and it was a p.o.s. It took on water and died while in Hawaii. My DSLR camera is a canon so we went that route for underwater/point&shoot.

I edited these photos using Lightroom, which my friend recently recommended to me. I think I might be in love. Lightroom is great. I'm currently using Adobe's free trial, but will definitely be making it my own once the trial runs out.


  1. Awesome pictures...I'm always happy to see I'm not the only parent who knows just dunking them is the way to go! Almost as fun as throwing them up in the air and not catching them until they're underwater :)

  2. he looks like a regular little water baby, almost like he knew Mommy wanted to have a water birth to welcome him into the world. Great shots, Mom (and Dad).

  3. I love it, so freaking cute!

  4. AWESOME PHOTOS! Babies in water are so much fun.

    Also, Lightroom is the shit.

  5. These photos rock! What a cutie!