Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A day in the life of Judah

At this point a normal day goes a little something like this:

-5:00 am Get Judah from his crib, change him out of his overnight diaper and into a cloth diaper. Bring him to bed with me to nurse and get some more sleep.

-7:00 am Wake up time! Judah gets changed and dressed for the day. Then he kicks it in his crib while being entertained by his mobile (which he freakin' loves). That thing is awesome. While he is entertained by that I deal with the doggos, get dressed, and maybe even start a load of laundry.

-8:00 am Bring Judah Bear downstairs so I can have breakfast. He hangs in his bumbo playing with toys while I eat. After that it is entertain Judah time. We read books, sing songs, play with toys, kick it on his play mat, play with the mirror (so cute to watch him smile and coo at his reflection). We also take Gert for walk. The first month or so we used a stroller to take Judah for walks, but now it sits collecting dust. I wear him and it is soo much nicer (I just didn't feel comfortable doing it when he was super little and didn't have the head support down). Sometimes Judah takes a nap from 9:30-10. I looove it when he does because then I have time to do a few chores, or at the very least do the dishes.

- Noon to 1:00pm I try to cram some quick food in my face before it is time for Judah's afternoon nap. To get ready for nap time, we read a few books. We always read Good Night Moon, that also gets read before we put him to bed in the evening too. I just wish Good Night Dune existed as a board book and not just a website. That. Would. Be. Bad-ass. We take the afternoon nap in my bed. We nurse (for a freaking hour) and then sleep together. I've found that he naps a whole lot more if he is laying with me and can nurse and sleep simultaneously. He will sleep anywhere from 2 and a half hours to 3 and half hours. It is a good long nap. And he is a happy baby because of it. I nap for part of the time as well. The rest of the time I'm reading books on my ipod using the kindle app.

-4:00 to 5:00pm Get up from our nap and start making dinner. Bill gets home around 5ish. Sometimes we just hang out and play with Judah together and sometimes we take both dogs for a walk and sometimes we have an early dinner.

-6:00 pm Time to get ready for bed! Bill reads to Judah and gives him a bath (just a water and washcloth wipe down, he only has a full immersion soap bath once or twice a week). He then gets him jammies on and swaddled up nice and tight. Then I am up and it is time to nurse. We nurse for about an hour (I read on the ipod). He is in asleep and in his crib by 7:30 at the latest.

-7:30pm Bill and I have dinner (if it didn't happen earlier), watch TV, and I internet (mostly I just pinterest- seriously sooo addicting).

During the night Judah wakes up to nurse 2-3 times. Usually he wakes up sometime around midnight, 2am, and then 5am.

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  1. Oh, yes, they do keep you busy! I'm so glad you're able to be a stay-at-home mommy...nothing better.