Wednesday, October 12, 2011

How did I go almost 4 months without taking pictures of baby feet?

I have a bit of an obsession with taking face shots of Judah. While this is all great and dandy (because I do love his face), it means I am lacking in the area of, well, everything else. I keep seeing all these adorable shots focusing on baby feet, or ears, or hands, or rolls, or... you get the idea.

I definitely missed the boat on newborn feet, but nearly 4 month feet are pretty good too.

Thankfully, the hospital did feet-prints when he was born.

However, they didn't do hand-prints which I thought was kinda odd.

And I haven't quite gotten around to doing any hand prints on our own. Luckily, Christmas is coming up here shortly and I plan on doing this:



  1. I've only been using pinterest for a few weeks, but damn is it awesome. Hope all my friends and family are ready for a homemade Christmas!

  2. Oh, too cute. You can add one to my xmas wish list :-)

  3. I love baby feet. How about feet and hand prints on our ornament(s)?

  4. I guess you two can get an ornament. I guess.
    Feet ones would be pretty cute, I'll just have to find ornaments that are the eight size. I also want to find something to write his name and the year on the ornament. Not sure what product will fit the bill...