Monday, October 17, 2011

If you have a giant baby, then you need a giant swaddle

Raise your pudgy hand if you are giant sized.

When you are the size of a nine month old, but have the needs of a three month old, a regular old swaddle or receiving blanket just won't do the trick.

Those puny blankets can't contain all that chub.

So when you are this big:

You need this:
aden and anais for Target

Summer Infant
They are made of light weight muslin and are both larger than regular flannel swaddling blankets. The aden and anais is 44" square and Summer Infant is 40" square. When the nights are chilly we layer a flannel blanket underneath the muslin ones. The muslin keeps the flannel in place. I definitely recommend them.

So does Judah.

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