Thursday, October 6, 2011

Wait, so if I don't go back to school I don't get to go back to school shopping? Ridiculous

Fall is in the air, which bring back found memories of... shopping! Back to school shopping has been going on for over two decades, what with school, and college, and school again (as work). Which meant that around this time of year I went shopping. It is just a great time to go with the seasons changing and it getting cooler. Nothing like a new sweater and a pair of boots to great a crisp fall day.

Apparently, if you are not working you don't get a paycheck. Who knew, right? And if you don't get a paycheck you can't really justify buying new clothes. Again, who knew? It's not like I want to go on a crazy mad shopping spree, just a little refresher of the old closet. A new cardigan or two, maybe replace some worn t-shirts, a new pair of jeans (to wear with boots), and a couple of scarves. Oh, and shoes. When working I pretty much sported dansko clogs throughout the school year. Which are fabulous for work and being on your feet all. day. long. But, pretty lame for just being cute and wearing out and about.

What I'd like to get is some of these:

Oooh, shiny

Or maybe these instead:

The basic model, probably the more versatile of the two. Read: boring  (yet, still cute)

And I definitely want to try these and see if they look awesome or like I don't know how to wrap a sports injury. I'm pretty sure they could go either way:

Ace bandage gone wrong, or genius design that will fit over  jeans with ease?

I've also been all about a nice cognac leather boot for winter. Instead, totally by chance, I wound up with these today:

Cuter in person. Swearsies.

I promise they don't look all plastic and shiny in real life. They look much more leather-ish. They are all man-made materials. Back when I was a little kid I couldn't wear shoes that weren't leather without my feet getting all nasty (I honestly don't remember exactly what they would do, but I know my mom always got me leather shoes because of it). While, I would love it if these were real leather that would make that far out of my price range. What with my price range being zero and all that is not hard to do.

Anyway, I stumbled upon these boots while I was at Target getting Judah some sweatshirts. He is now sporting 9 month clothing, and it turns out the babies we inherited the bulk of his clothing from must have been 9 months during the summer. Almost all his onesies in this size are short sleeved, which is not cutting it. Btw, why the hell do baby sweatshirts pretty much cost the same as a grown up sweatshirt? Side eye to you, Carters. The amount of fabric that goes into that little thing is probably the equivalent of the fabric in just the actual hood of my hoodie.

Originally 28 bucks. Seriously. 28 bucks for a baby sweatshirt.
Sorry, I got sidetracked there. So I see the boots at Target, think they are pretty cute. But I talk myself out of even trying them on since A. They are not real leather and B. The whole no paycheck thing. After Target Judah and I stopped at Goodwill to find a picture frame so I could actual create one of the many things I pinned.

On my way to the back of the store (where the frames are) I can't help but notice a pair of cognac boots in the shoe section. Low and behold they were the exact same ones from Target with the tags still on and everything. And they were in my size. And they were like half the price they were at Target. I didn't even try them on. I figured it was meant to be. That, and, it would have been a real bitch to try them on while having Judah beco-ed to me (and I didn't have socks). So that is how I ended up with a new pair of boots today.

But now that I have the boots, I really do need a new pair of jeans that will tuck into them nicely. And a new cardigan (or two, or three) sure would look nice with those new jeans and boots. And, boy oh boy, wouldn't a new scarf just be the finishing touch on that autumnal outfit?

Oh, paycheck, you were nice to get every other week. Still, Judah wins every time if the choice is between the paycheck or the baby (which, you know, it kinda was back when were thinking about getting pregnant).

Anyone out there want to sponsor some fall shopping? Anyone? Anyone?




  1. I have been seeing those cute shoes all around and have really been wanting a pair... turns out it is hard to find things you don't know the name of, who knew right? Tom's. They are Tom's, i never would have found those on my own. I wonder if they are good for people with super wide feet? And they probably are not so good for the rainy season I am guessing, so they will have to wait until next year for me.
    Anyways, miss your blogs :)

  2. Well you can always add those little goodies to your xmas wish list :-)