Thursday, October 27, 2011

Judah at four months

Our little dude turned four months on October 21st. How time flies. Soon he will be 6 months. Before you know it, he will be a year! Then two! And on and on and on.

He is just getting so big- as you can see from the excess of rolls on his arms. It makes him look like he has a few extra joints in there. He doesn't.

This was the first monthly photo session where it wasn't just me and him. We had a whole entourage: dad, grandma, a great aunt, and two cousins. There are only one or two photos where he is actually looking at me and the camera. Mostly he was staring at his adoring fans.

At four months Judah is:

- only waking up once per night (I'm sure this is only temporary and I sure am enjoying it while it lasts! I think this is because he finally is NOT going through a growth spurt)
- grabbing things like crazy (fingers, shirts, my hair, books, toys, noses, and mouths)
- has found his dingle (which is hilarious. I can't believe how hard he pulls on it!)
- has found his feet (but they have yet to connect with his mouth)
- putting everything in his mouth (except his feet. He is especially his thumb and index finger into his mouth- it looks like he is trying to wolf whistle)
- enjoying the hell out of his baths (he is such a water baby)
- loving listening to us sing 'Twinkle, Twinkle', 'Row, Row, Row your Boat', and 'Hush Little Baby'
- laughing more and more everyday. Such a fantastic sound.
- becoming more interested in the dogs. He even sort of pet Gert the other day. Okay. He grabbed her ear and tried to shove it into his mouth, but that counts, right?
- drooling up a store. His chin is all red and raw from all that slime. I've started putting Cetaphil moisturizer on it and that seems to be helping.

Happy quarter of year birthday, son!

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  1. Oh, those rolls! He's so photogenic. Can't wait for Xmas and my baby photo album