Sunday, October 16, 2011

Judah's BFFs

Two of Judah's (many) aunties came to visit and love on him this weekend. Despite how it appears in the picture, he was really a happy baby and enjoyed being the recipient of all that lovin'.

After they headed back down to Oregon today, Judah took his nap... And after nap time he got to hang with his two bestest BFFs (of the canine persuasion, that is).


And Gert:

Gert is probably his number one BFF. He loves to stare at her and she loves to lick his feet. She is just the right size for kids (meanwhile, Ralph is just the right size for no one. ha). Gert is almost a year and a half old, which puts her at a perfect age to grow up with Judah. We just know she is going to be his special buddy. We look forward to watching them play and run around together.

I really would have dressed Judah in cuter jammies for his nap if I had anticipated the doggie photo sesh. Oh, well.

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  1. This is very cute! And I love the jammies. Seeing Ralph makes me miss Heidi. Judah is so lucky to have two dogs who love him!

  2. Love the doggie babysitters. They are adorable.