Friday, November 25, 2011

5 months

Judah had his 5 month birthday this last Monday while down in Oregon. This is his second in a row month birthday where he was in a state other than his own. This photo session took place at my parents' house. We were down there for Thanksgiving. Judah and I went down early to spend extra time with friends and family.

He is sitting up so much better these days. He is even able to sit without both hands on the ground for short periods of time. He looooves grabbing stuff. He is constantly reaching for things. His little hands are always feeling and touching. He clasps and unclasps those pudgy little fingers all day long.

He continues to get bigger and bigger. I think his chunk-a-dunk growth is outpacing my arm muscle growth. That kid is heavy! My arms get tired after lugging him around for an extended period. He weighs about 20 and half pounds.

He giggles and laughs more and more. Bonus, I can finally make him laugh, which used to be a daddy only domain. He giggles and squeals when I hold him up and blow raspberries on his belly. He is also learning how to blow raspberries himself. Sometimes he will copy us when we do them to him. Bill can still make him laugh in about a million different ways (basically because his face is so stupid full of expression).

Love him!

Can't believe he is going to be half-a-freaking-year next month.

*Noticed that the photos look a little different this month? That's because I'm using the trial version of photoshop and trying to get a handle on it. Luckily, I have discovered the magic that is free online ps actions.*

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  1. What no picture of Judah and Ricky and Lucy? As always, he's an adorable little guy...I just want to snuggle him.