Monday, November 7, 2011

Judah Bear

Today, he lived up to his nickname.

And, yes, I do realize Halloween was LAST week. However, last night our furnace went on the fritz and the warmness that was our house said, "Adios, sucka-face!" So it was coooold today. Bill was able to restart the thing and get the pressure and water temperature back up (we have radiators). But radiators are not super fast about heating the house, so the temperature has been creeping up at minuscule increments throughout the day. By tomorrow it should all be back to normal.

You also might notice his chin looks a little wet. No, that isn't photoshopped. That is real life, baby. He is teething. And it is not fun. Not even a little bit. Not at all.

He has been cranky the last couple of days.

And crying. Way more than usual.

And sleeping. Way less than usual.

Tomorrow, I am going out and buying some hippie magic.

It's an amber teething necklace- and I know some moms who swear by them.  Hopefully, I soon will too.

On a note unrelated to cold houses or teething, I am drinking (by weee tiny sips) the kool-aide (which, according to wikipedia was actually flavor-aid). I am taking up running. Or at least I am trying to. I have never liked to run just to run. I did it for sports growing up, but that was it.

I'm really hoping that I will learn to like it (or, at least, tolerate it). I wanna get the rest of the baby weight (plus some) off. I've lost about half of my pregnancy poundage, but would like it all to go. Now. I have boxes of pre-pregnancy clothes up in the attic that I can't wear yet. I miss them. I want them back in my life.

Usually, when Bill or I feel the kick to start exercising we joining the Y, but on one salary that is not as feasible. We are trying to cut down on monthly expenses, not add more. Plus, it would just be tough to make happen with Judah. I know they have a child care option, but it is a couple of extra bucks each time you go, plus, he is just soo little. But running is free and he gets to go too (all adorably bundled up in the jogging stroller).

My plan is that I'm starting slow to build up endurance and strength (and to not burn-out). I'm alternating walking and jogging by blocks. Then I plan on stepping it up to jogging two, walking one, and so forth. Fingers crossed that one day I will feel that addiction that runners 'claim' they have. Although, I'm pretty sure they are all liars.

This meme has been popping up all over my FB feed and on pinterest. I don't agree. I definitely don't feel like the top image, hell, I don't even feel like the bottom image. That kid looks like she is having a ton of fun. She even has bubbles. Bubbles! Now those are fun. Running is not fun. More of a necessary evil.


  1. good for you...and i most definitely agree. running just to run = awful. goodluck!

  2. DYING with laughter right now! Not over anything you wrote, but of the picture attached and my own feelings towards running... too funny.
    I did however enjoy your writing. Particularly the comments on bubbles. Not laughing over that. I take those VERY seriously.

  3. Running is a start! I know you're hungry, but cutting back on food and also making wise food choices will help, too, which I know you know. Just being a mom... I can offer some suggestions and talk to Paula about the Weight Watchers diet. She probably has some info. Lot of people say that works for them.

  4. Funny, I don't remember asking for your advice...

  5. if you stick with it (slowly but surely, just adding a little more time between walk breaks..) you will become addicted and one day it will start to feel soooo good! trust me- endorphins are a great drug!