Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Amber waves of... Necklace

Judah is modelling the latest in teething fashion.

We went to Best Loved Baby today and picked up this necklace. I can't say yet if it is working its hippie magic or not. I heard about the necklaces from other moms. Here's hoping the fussing will return to pre-teething levels.

Bill and I were looking through the teething necklace photos of Judah together. We each picked our favorite shot of him sitting.

1. mine
2. bill's
The necklaces are also sold on Etsy, by Spiral Mama. There are lots of other people who make them as well, but this just happens to be whose they carry at Best Loved Baby.

While shopping, something else caught my eye.

Me thinks I just might have to pick one up next time I go there (which will be in a few weeks, I'm almost out of diaper detergent). The necklace is by Chewbeads- it's made out of silicone and designed to be chewed on by babies. The real question is what color to get. They come in a rainbow of options, but, of course, I'm trying to decide between the boring colors: black, gray, white, or ivory.

images come from the Chewbeads site


  1. The beads look awfully small for babies to be chewing on. Hope that cord is super strong and unbreakable. Wouldn't want him getting one off and into his mouth. Does he wear it all the time or just when being supervised?

  2. They are not for him to chew. And he doesn't wear it at night, which is really his only unsupervised time.