Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Lets all pretend to be happy

We went to the park this morning to get pictures with all the pretty fall leaves. It, well, didn't go exactly according to plan.

1. I wanted to go in the morning, before Judah gets all cranky because he is ready for his afternoon nap. That didn't happen. Judah and I woke up at 8 (glorious! but, btw, I guess the waking up once per night was suppose to be a secret, because the freaking day after I posted it stopped happening. Oh well, I enjoyed it while it lasted).  Bill, however, did not wake up until after 11. By the time we were all ready to head down to the park it was noon. That gave us a pretty short window to get shit done.

2. I was planning on taking all these cute photos of Judah gorilla sitting in the leaves. He was having none of it. The boy did not want to sit! He wanted to stand, which fyi is not possible when you are four months old. Duh, kid. So I had to settle for some laying down photos.

Which are still cute and all, but not what I was planning on.

3. The park was pretty empty, being that it was the middle of the day on a Wednesday, but we were being photo stalked by two girls and their photographer. I was thinking they were taking senior pictures, but it was the middle of the school day, so who knows. Anywho, we would find a spot we wanted to take photos. Get all set up (we were using a tripod and a timer) and this crew would roll up on our spot and stand DIRECTLY BEHIND where we were obviously taking pictures. And then they would just stand their talking. We would then leave that location, and they would move right in and take their pictures. The first time that happened, I thought it was pretty annoying but figured they were just kinda clueless. But when they did it the second time I figured out that they were just plan a-holes. Seriously, dudes, it is a big park with LOTS of leaves. You could pick any other spot. There are about ten thousand out there WITHOUT people already taking pictures there. Oi.

So these smiles are all tinged with annoyance and frustration. At least mine are, Bill's are flavored with exhaustion and waning patience.

I really need to invest in an remote trigger for the camera. It got a bit old pressing the button and then trying to run and get into place while simultaneously fixing my hair, scarf, shirt, and pants.

4. MY CAMERA STOPPED WORKING! That is definitely the worst thing of all. My poor poor camera. It will turn on, it just won't take the picture. Hopefully I will be able to get it fixed quickly and inexpensively. So now I am without my SLR camera, I only have my point and shoot. Sad panda.


  1. Okay now I want to make my kids lie in some leaves while I take pictures of them.

  2. Duuuuuude, that sucks about your camera, but you did get some cute shots. Haven't I seen that sweater somewhere?

  3. I love these pictures, a very cute family :) and I really like your hair, looks very good.

  4. Nice pictures. Fall is my favorite time of the year. You should have said something to the inconsiderate jerks who kept getting in the way.

  5. Krista- you totally should. I hear palm trees don't look quite so colorful in the fall.
    Dave- I didn't say anything because I was being the better person. Obviously.
    That... And passive aggressive.