Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Reading is for nerds

Like these two nerd bombers. What a bunch of losers.

We read to Judah at least once everyday. Bill reads to him as part of his going to bed routine and I read to him throughout the day. Goodnight Moon is always on the evening reading list. We read as many books as he can handle. Some days it is just Goodnight Moon, but usually we are able to read more.

When we first started reading to him, he wasn't that into it. We could rarely could even make it through the shortest of board books. Nowadays he is pretty into them. He looks at the pages and grabs at them. Sometimes he helps turn the page, sometimes he tries to close the book (while we are trying to keep the book open).

As a elementary age teacher, I have tons of books for when he is older, but our baby board book retinue is pretty slim. Hopefully, his board book collection will grow this holiday season. Hint, hint, family members.

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  1. Judah looks so intense and interested. Happy to provide board books, but I'm waiting for a list.