Thursday, November 3, 2011

We interrupt this program...

Judah and I were hanging in his room taking some photos.

Sadly, with my point and shoot, because I still can't get my SLR to work. Sigh. It looks like I am gonna have to take it in (step one: find a place to take it in to...).

I was actually taking photos of the nursery so I can (finally) show the 'after' to all those 'before' posts I was doing as we were working on the nursery last winter and spring.

But there are only so many picts I can take of the room, while there are seemingly endless picts I can take of Judah. But, then....

We were interrupted by Gert. Who decided Judah needed his his feet licked. Then his calves. Then his knees.

Judah didn't mind.

When Gert finished licking his legs she decided to sit on the blanket next to him.

Which soon turned into laying next to him. Gazing adoringly into his eyes.

Then came laying on her back next to him.

Again, Judah didn't mind. He's cool with this development.

But then she starts squirming around.

Judah is not so sure about the squirming. When all of sudden...

BLAM-O! Face punch! And that was the end of that. Not our first photo session to end in tears. Probably not our last.

P.S. I will post the nursery photos any day now. I just need to track down the photos of the room when we moved in and what not.

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  1. good to see they are being brought up correctly.

  2. Great photo series. I loved the one with Gert lying on her back next to Judah before she rolled.