Sunday, December 18, 2011

Avocado: The food of champions

It is also the first food of Judah. Bill has been just dying for Judah to start eating. For the last two months or so he has been continually asking me if "Judah can eat the scone? Orange? Ice cream? Cookie? Pasta?" And I kept saying, "No." And then he would get all sad. But, alas, I had to cave sometime. We were planning on waiting until he hit 6 months (Wednesday), but we will be pretty busy that day so today was the day.

Ralph figured out that there was food that just might make it into his mouth. Gert figured out that shiz from the start.

We are doing baby led weaning. I first heard about it from the omnipotent Modg. I decided to look into it more so I downloaded the book for the kindle (but, have yet to read all of it). So much of the book is dedicated to trying to convince you to do it, and we had already decided this was what we wanted to do... I just need to read the how-to chapters. Baby led weaning is a way of babies feeding themselves. No mush, no purees, no hear-comes-the-airplane shenanigans. Judah will eat what we eat (within reason). He decides how much or how little to eat. He gets to play with it (which is how he learns). He gets all his real nutrition from BFing, the food it just for fun.

He loves sticking everything into his mouth and I'm pretty sure that avocado was a vast improvement over wooden or plastic toys (or paper, or hair, or noses, or knuckles, or dog fur). It was pretty entertaining for us too.

Sadly, the adventure ended with this:

He loves throwing things on the floor, so it should have come as no surprise that he would also love throwing (more of a push actually) a ceramic plate on the floor. Looks like it is time to invest in some plastic plates for the boy-o.


  1. I was SO close to doing BLW. Bought the book, but never read it. It sits on a stack of books I'm planning on reading when I have the time and won't fall asleep doing so. I said screw it, and started making his food.

    Max loves avocado too. I love this age, where they can sit at the dinner table with you and feed themselves and be a part of it. Sucks about the plate though. Get ready, cause pretty soon there's going to be spinach on your walls and peaches on your floor.

  2. And that is why we have dogs. They have no idea the how much more awesome their lives are about to become.

    You can still totally do blw. Just give max whatever your eating (unless it has peanut butter, honey, or tons of salt on it). That's seems to be pretty much all there is to it. 90% of the book is really just selling you the idea.