Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Baby, it's cold outside inside.

Our heating system is a bit sub-par. It does great as long as the outside temperature is 50 and higher (which is most of the year), but once it drops to the 40s and lower it gets collllld in our house.

The priority is keeping Judah's room warm. So far, so good on that front. Although, I loath to think what is going to happen when is gets really cold out there (like 20 and teens).

Therefore, J and I spend a lot of time in his room during the day. When we venture downstairs it is with lots of layers on... and if we are settling in one spot then the heat dish is getting plugged in an blasting at us on high.

I fear that it is going to be spendy endeavor to overhaul our system to get it working efficiently. We have radiators and I'm think it will take a lot of plumbing work to get the steam a flowing. Right now our system can not maintain enough pressure in the pipes to get heat to all the radiators. We have to pick and choose which to use. We have been planning on having the exterior of the house painted next spring/summer, but maybe we should get the heat taken care of instead... but it is so hard to make that decision in summer when it is warm out and we are not feeling the effects of a poor heating system.

Annnnnd Judah just woke up, so off I go.

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