Monday, December 5, 2011

Eff this noise

So you might remember that I was totally on top of holiday cards this year, right?

Well, that turned out to be a bust.

After the initial photo shoot, we decided to go with this as our Holiday Card 2011:

Awww, he's adorable. I know.

We ordered 125 of these bad boys from winkflash.

A week or so goes by and they arrive in the mail. Yay! So exciting! I'm very pumped with my with-it-ness in the card department.

And, then I opened them. And, they suck. The printing was waaaaay too dark and the colors are off. Sad panda. Thanks to their return policy I decide to just scrap card number one and get a refund (still need to do that btw, my 30 day return window is rapidly coming to an end).

Not to be discouraged, I decide to have a second photo shoot with the little dude and see if we can't get an image that I like better (that is also lighter and {hopefully} won't have the same printing issues).

Round dos of photos goes well. We pick a cute smiley pict of the little bugger and make it into our Holiday Card 2011 version 2.0

Yet again, we order from winkflash.

And wait. It is right around Thanksgiving at this point, so I figure the photos are just slow to arrive because of holiday and what not.

So I wait some more.

Then I finally think to check the order tracking and it says...

Are you ready for this?


Lies, I tell you.

I email winkflash and let them know that although the tracking says the cards were delivered I received no such package.

Their response was for me to bring it up with USPS. Oi.

Winkflash isn't going to do jack about it.  Awesome.

I now have to repurchase the photos to get them sent asap so that I can get them out at least a few days before Christmas. And there went my whole being-on-top-of-at-least-one-thing this holiday season.

My guess is that:

A. The package was delivered to the wrong house (I'm seriously shocked how often I get other people's mail, especially for our corresponding address one block down).
B. Someone stole the package off our porch. Why the hell someone would want a package that was obviously photos is beyond me. Hope you are enjoying your 125 copies of Judah looking festive mystery criminal!

Either way? Lame.

Here's hoping the 3rd times the charm & the photos arrive promptly and look crisp.

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