Sunday, December 11, 2011

Pajama Party!

Lately, everyday is a pajama party for Judah. Since our heating is on the fritz, J is sporting his soft and cozy fleece jammies nonstop. Sometimes there are even hidden layers for extra warmth.

We are having a heating/plumbing dude that we found on Angie's List come out on Tuesday and take a look at our system. Here's hoping they are able to identify the problem and remedy is asap. Bill described what is going on over the phone and the peeps said it could be any number of things, they won't know until them come take a look.

Lucky for me, I happen to think Judah looks extra cute and cuddly in his pajamas. So soft and snuggly.


  1. ooh! He's so chubby and cute! Fischer has been rockin the fleece jammies a lot too :)